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Mystic Crystal Revelation

do u not worry about the sunbed ~risks~?

Asked by Anonymous

I’ll worry when I look like a handbag


Profesh πŸ“·

Oh cmon

You were never this skinny, what happned ?

Asked by Anonymous

no way i was so much skinnier last summer, i’ve literally been eating constantly and sitting at my deskl, i posted that because i thought my legs looked all sexy and thick as well!


do you sunbed? if so how long?

Asked by Anonymous

Yes, once a week for 13-14 mins, literal highlight of the week x


Busting out the denim cut offs for the first time this year 🍦 (I’m gonna freeze)
I took this selfie ages ago and didn’t post it but I still really like it so whatever ✌️


Yep, it’s Coachella season again.



its a metaphor

jesus christ